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Donation Goal: $100,000


Banner Children’s offers a bright, healing environment where children feel safe while receiving the advanced care they need from the pediatric specialty physicians and researchers of the University of Arizona Steele Children’s Research Center as well as community pediatric physicians. (Banner Health Foundation Tax ID: 94-2545356)



El Grupo is a youth cycling organization that provides youth with experiences that are fun, skill-building, and bike centered, so that they can acquire the self confidence and leadership skills to be active and healthy members of the community. (El Grupo Tax ID #80-0252901)

Please consider supporting one of the charities that the Banner-University Medicine 37th El Tour de Tucson works with. You can make donations directly to a Charity, or Fundraiser, or Fundraising Team. Or consider becoming a Fundraiser yourself!


Raised of $100,000


Top Donors

$18,427 Raised By 148 Donors

$1,000 On Behalf Of Joy & Eric Creson
$1,000 On Behalf Of paul kraft
$500 on behalf of Audrey and Jackson
$500 on behalf of G & J Development Inc
$500 on behalf of Jason Stilwell
$500 On Behalf Of Martin and Maureen Fox
$500 On Behalf Of Nancy Meech
$500 on behalf of Paul Newhagen
$500 On Behalf Of Paul Rosado
$500 On Behalf Of Sam Keim
$500 On Behalf Of stephen grimm
$500 On Behalf Of Swain Chapman
$500 on behalf of Tom Liddell
$351 on behalf of Anita Fry
$250 on behalf of Corey Arvizu
$250 On Behalf Of Rebecca, Bobbi & Darrel,
$250 On Behalf Of The Marian Family
$230 on behalf of Laura Schauss
$200 On Behalf Of Bob & Marsha Schlanger
$200 On Behalf Of Bob and Anne Hendricks
$200 On Behalf Of Diane Bradley
$200 on behalf of James Horvath
$200 on behalf of Louise Van Bibber
$200 On Behalf Of michael flowers
$200 on behalf of Senta Berggruen
$200 On Behalf Of William Kelley
$195 on behalf of Jeff Christiansen
$150 On Behalf Of William, Eleanor and Henry David
$100 On Behalf Of Alison Hurd
$100 on behalf of Amy Van Hoesen
$100 On Behalf Of Barry Kitay
$100 on behalf of Carla M Goodhart
$100 On Behalf Of Charlene Grabowski
$100 On Behalf Of Christopher Itule
$100 On Behalf Of Cypress Civil Development, LLC
$100 from Anonymous
$100 On Behalf Of Darryl Lundeen
$100 On Behalf Of Dave and Virg Diebold
$100 On Behalf Of David Carroll
$100 On Behalf Of David Loui
$100 On Behalf Of Gary Emerson
$100 On Behalf Of greg furrier
$100 on behalf of James Audia
$100 On Behalf Of jc goodwin
$100 on behalf of Jeff Christiansen
$100 On Behalf Of Jihong Kai
$100 On Behalf Of John Ash
$100 on behalf of John Lebbs
$100 On Behalf Of John Murtaugh
$100 on behalf of Juan Teran
$100 On Behalf Of Judy Kaiser
$100 On Behalf Of Kara Snyder
$100 On Behalf Of Karin Smith
$100 on behalf of Laura Schauss
$100 On Behalf Of lori throne
$100 On Behalf Of Lucky thao Nguyen
$100 on behalf of Marcus Palm
$100 on behalf of Marianne Morrill
$100 On Behalf Of Mark Newhagen
$100 on behalf of Melissa Hawkins
$100 On Behalf Of Mike Hoerig
$100 on behalf of Nick and Tracy Posuniak
$100 On Behalf Of Patrick Copeland
$100 On Behalf Of Paul Hooker
$100 on behalf of Rogelio Calderon
$100 On Behalf Of Ryan Gordon
$100 On Behalf Of Sam Keim
$100 On Behalf Of Sandra Barton
$100 On Behalf Of Sara Kirk
$100 On Behalf Of Sarah More
$100 On Behalf Of Scott and Mary Hofferber
$100 On Behalf Of Sean Coles
$100 on behalf of Susan Ong
$100 On Behalf Of Susanne Preston
$100 On Behalf Of Swain Chapman
$100 On Behalf Of Thomas Unger
$100 On Behalf Of Tim Leedy
$100 on behalf of Todd Gay
$75 from Anonymous
$75 on behalf of Matthew Swenson
$75 on behalf of Tari Auletta
$60 on behalf of David Meek
$50 On Behalf Of Aaron Walker
$50 on behalf of Betty Eppler
$50 On Behalf Of Brett Behan
$50 On Behalf Of Carol McIntyre
$50 On Behalf Of Catherine Townsend
$50 On Behalf Of Charlene Grabowski
$50 from Anonymous
$50 On Behalf Of David LAM
$50 On Behalf Of David Blanchette
$50 on behalf of David Scott
$50 On Behalf Of Drew Newton
$50 on behalf of Eliezer Asunsolo
$50 on behalf of Eugene Park
$50 on behalf of Hillary Mathis
$50 on behalf of Holly Baker
$50 on behalf of Jeremy Silverman
$50 on behalf of John & Diane Hennessey
$50 on behalf of John Porvaznik
$50 On Behalf Of joni raneri
$50 on behalf of Kelly Ottaway
$50 On Behalf Of Kevin Patrick
$50 On Behalf Of Louise Jaxel
$50 on behalf of Maryam Fazel
$50 on behalf of Matthew Brown
$50 on behalf of Melany Ondrus
$50 On Behalf Of Melinda Walker
$50 On Behalf Of MIchael Sarabia
$50 On Behalf Of Pat Bossaller
$50 On Behalf Of Paul Euler
$50 from Anonymous
$50 on behalf of Susan Broomall
$50 on behalf of T&C Hill
$40 on behalf of Chinnocks
$30 on behalf of Amber Wolf
$30 on behalf of Anna Flores
$30 on behalf of Annette and James
$30 on behalf of Memory of Chris Mason
$30 on behalf of Rob Waters
$30 On Behalf Of Sonya Pate
$25 On Behalf Of Adam Bleier
$25 on behalf of Candyce Egan
$25 on behalf of Diana and Terry LaBeau
$25 on behalf of Edralin Wade
$25 on behalf of Have Notary will Travel
$25 from Anonymous
$25 on behalf of Josh Kitterman
$25 on behalf of Karen Fisher
$25 from Anonymous
$25 On Behalf Of Mike Murphy
$25 on behalf of mike sheaffer
$25 on behalf of Robert Pulver Jr
$25 on behalf of Sharon McCaig
$25 On Behalf Of Stephanie Shoemaker
$25 on behalf of Stacet LaBorde
$20 from Anonymous
$20 On Behalf Of Heidi Hibbard
$20 On Behalf Of Janice Mounce
$20 from Anonymous
$20 from Anonymous
$20 from Anonymous
$20 On Behalf Of Steve Patalsky
$10 on behalf of Melissa Tibbals-Gribbin
$10 On Behalf Of Ronald Carter
$5 from Anonymous
$5 on behalf of Tung Bui
$1 on behalf of X Scout

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$17,220.99 of $100,000 Reached
El Grupo
$1,206 Collected


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